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The Importance of the Battery on Your BMW

The importance of the battery on your BMW

With the addition of new technology in our vehicles and more than in any other brand, Mercedes Benz and BMW are two of the most advanced pioneers in development of technology to improve comfort, safety and performance, all this is due to the increase in control modules in vehicles which are small independent computers (can vary between 40 and 60 modules depending on the model) are responsible for fulfilling all the functions that require the vehicle to meet the customer’s expectations.

Having said all this, we understand that for the correct operation of the vehicle we must have an adequate voltage network, constant without interruption. The battery in the vehicle plays a fundamental factor so that all the functions in the vehicle can be fulfilled.

German Drive take care of the performance of your battery on your BMW

Car batteries typically last from three to five years, according to Mercedes Benz and BMW inspections are part of our shop routine maintenance, to perform this inspection there are different like levels battery’s charge, the condition of the terminals, and how securely it’s mounted in the engine bay.

But with the addition of new technology to check the battery levels charge on some vehicle there are some specialized equipment to perform this step, also the most newest BMW and Mercedes Benz we can check all this with our brand specialized scan tool, and even to replace the battery it’s important to calibrated the new one with the vehicle.

The right battery for your vehicle.

This is one of the most important points for the correct functioning of the electric system of the vehicle, as electrical consumption increased the manufacturers were developing new types of batteries to stay at the forefront of the requirements, due to this, is important that our technicians specialized and with extensive knowledge of the vehicles determine which is the right battery for your vehicle because the batteries can appear to be all the same there are different types, not only the size matter, the composition of the same is critical for the vehicle, for example the battery for a Mercedes Benz E Class 2019 can be seen as same of a E Class 2009 but they really have different chemical compositions, which can generate fault codes and malfunction in the newest vehicle.

Hidden batteries on your vehicle

This is one of the added values in Germán Drive of having specialized technicians and in constant training, the power to determine in the vehicles when they have backup battery system for functions such as ECO Start / Stop from Mercedes Benz where a battery is added additional inside the room to fulfill the function of starting after the stop, these batteries in many workshops are not reviewed because they do not know of their existence, we at German Drive check all the batteries as part of our maintenance routine.

Luckly, We are here is Keller Texas for you. Reliable and a cost effective compared to the dealership. It’s time to replace the battery on your BMW or Mercedes Benz.  MAKE YOUR APPOINTMENT NOW

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