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DPF Cleaning Service

DPF Cleaning Service offered here at German drive, but do you know what DPF stand for?

What is a diesel particulate filter (DPF)?

If you own a Mercedes Benz or BMW diesel vehicle, you probably have a diesel particulate filter, however, you may not know exactly what this is or how to maintain it, don’t worries we at German Drive take care of you.

A diesel particulate filter (DPF) is a filter that captures and stores exhaust soot in order to reduce emissions from diesel cars. But because they only have a finite capacity, this trapped soot periodically has to be emptied or ‘burned off’ to regenerate the DPF.

If you have this DPF system in you vehicle there is some maintenance required to keep this filter in top shape, there is a DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) for the DPF Cleaning Service, and we at German Drive always make sure to check that your vehicle have this fluid at top level as one of our may steps that we check wen you trust us with you appreciated vehicle. But sadly the DEF is just one step that your BMW and Mercedes take to keep this filter clean but is not 100% effective, this is not a complete solution and they know it, after a wile your filter will clog because for the brand the DPF have some life time and was designed like that.

What if you DPF gets clog?

Sadly but if you filter start to clog the exhaust gas will be restricted to flow as expected, and this will cause lack of power and a bad engine performance, because of this you may have sometimes the check engine light on, and if you keep using you vehicle all the soot will built faster and faster, you will find your vehicle hard to drive because the lack of power, in this case if you take your vehicle to a regular shop they will ask you almost right away to remplace your complete DPF system , and this job it will be quote very high around $3k or more.

Don’t worries German Drive will take care.

We at German Drive develop the DPF Cleaning Service to clean this filter with the use of some specialized products even if the dealer or some shop quote a complete new DPF, and this process will make the soot content inside the filter get to 0%, all this in very low time in comparison with the time of replacing the complete DPF, and for a fraction of the cost. Right away you will feel the improve performance on power in your vehicle.

Luckly, We are here is Keller Texas for you. Reliable and a cost effective compared to the dealership. MAKE YOUR APPOINTMENT NOW

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