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Has Your Car Been Serviced For Winter Conditions?

Here are German drive, taking care of you and your car is our number one priority.

Here’s how to winterize your car for colder days and make the driving easier on you.

Install winter Wiper Blades

Winter wipers have the strength required to keep your windshield clear, and they’re wrapped in high-grade rubber that’s designed to protect the hinges from accumulating ice. Additionally, they come with frames that are extra-sturdy, and this allows them to clear ice without bending.

Maintain Tire Pressure

Every 10° change in ambient temperature could mean a gain or loss of 1 PSI. This means you check pressure more regularly during winter and refill your tires as needed.

Consider Winter Tires

Cold weather can cause the rubber in standard tires to harden, and this hurts their traction. If you live in an area that gets frigid weather often, winter tires may be a good choice. They have special rubber compounds and tread patterns crafted to provide optimum grip on slick roads.

Check Your Battery

Cold weather reduces battery power, and your car’s battery could fail if it’s in a weakened state. Get it checked before winter rolls around. If we found out that your battery is weak, we can replace it to make sure you’re not stranded in the bitter cold.

Examine Your Cooling System

Rubber components in the radiator and heater can crack and leak over time. Have your cooling system checked, we can replace hoses that show signs of damage or wear.

Check Your Wiper Fluid Level

Make sure there’s enough wiper fluid in your car’s reservoir. Also, choose a wiper fluid with antifreeze properties. This type of fluid will provide better performance in winter months. This is important, since slush from the road can be kicked up onto your windshield and dry there, making it hard to see out. It’s also smart to carry an extra gallon around in your car with you during the winter months.

Test Your Coolant

Your car’s coolant helps prevent the engine from freezing up. It needs to be changed every few years so it can properly do its job. Get the coolant tested each year, and change it if it’s dirty. We also offer coolant flush.

Use the Right Engine Oil

Engine oil thickens in frigid weather, and this can hurt your engine’s performance. Some carmakers have specific oil recommendations for colder weather. Check your vehicle’s owner’s manual to see if this is the case. Here at German Drive we only use liquid moly, a German brand oil perfect to get your foreign car running safely.

Keep the gas tank at least at full

Fill up often! Keeping gas in the tank is more important in winter than in summer. Why? For one thing, a full tank reduces condensation, which can prevent gas line freeze ups. Not only that, but if you’re ever stranded, your engine may be the only thing to keep you warm until help arrives.

Inspect exhaust system

We can replace or repair leaks and crimped pipes to help keep carbon monoxide out of the passenger compartment.

Vehicle safety is important during winter weather conditions, especially if you have to drive on icy roads.

If you need to  winterize your car contact us right away to make an appointment.

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